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Doughnut Oasis x Stanley Flask 236

Doughnut Oasis x Stanley Flask 236

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Stanley Since 1913

The Stanley all-steel vacuum flask was invented by William Stanley Jr. in 1913.

Start an adventure with you to create countless adventure memories.
The classic American brand Stanley has always integrated the concept of strong steel and stylish design in the small bottle body. The cross over bottle is practical and stylish with Doughnut mountain pattern printed on, we also design a bottle bag for easy-carrying.
• Main compartment with drawstring closure for easy opening • Easy assess front slip pocket with snap buttons
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Set with Stanley Adventure Vacuum Bottle 503ml
Material 600D Nylon
Size 9.5cm (W) x 9.5cm (D) x 18.5-25cm (H)
Capacity 2L

Start an adventure,与你制造无数探险回忆
经典美国品牌 Stanley 一向以强韧钢材概念融合在小小瓶身,为瓶身注入型格元素。这次联乘的款式也不例外,实用而不失格调。瓶身印有 Doughnut 的山系图案,更附有Doughnut 制作的水樽袋,让你轻便携带出门探险。

* 600D涤纶
* 防泼水
* 主格索绳开口
* 斜背袋 / 水壶袋
* 限量商品:联名 百年钢品水壶品牌 "STANLEY"

平量数据 (尺寸:cm / 误差0.5-1cm)

水壶尺寸:3.2 cm(W) x 7.7 cm (D)x 16.6 cm(H)
袋子尺寸:9.5cm (W) x 9.5cm (D) x 18.5-25cm (H);2L

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